Hi There!

So yes, its been FOREVER and a day since I’ve posted anything. My last post was about my daughters starting PreK. She’s now finishing the 2nd grade (We finish school on June 28th here in NYC)! Yeesh!

Sorry about that. Life got pretty full and busy since then so here is a quick update…


I had a son in July of 2014!

His name is Nathan and he has brought so much “life” to our home (read: craziness). But I can’t imagine life without him! 🙂


Karis became a big sister!


We dedicated him at a special celebration in our church called Baby Dedication Celebration. (See proud big sister!)


Made some memories with my girl! Seeing the Nutcracker at the NYC Ballet has now become an annual girls night out for us.


This guy turned 1.


We took our girl to “The Most Magical Place on Earth!” in 2015 for a day while visiting family in Florida. We’ve pretty much have gone every year since then.


We didn’t take the little guy but he did get some ears out of it.


Celebrated more birthday’s.


My babies now!

I’ll speed it up a bit now…

  • Threw Nathan’s Mickey Themed Birthday Party. (Pics coming soon)
  • Had some amazing trips to Disney with great memories made.
  • Became a Brownie Girl Scout Leader.
  • Threw my mom’s 60th Birthday Party.
  • Transitioned out of my job at my church as Director of Kids and Family Ministries.

And now here I am! I’m ready for some new adventures. Ready to share some things I’m experiencing and learning and share the fun!

News & Updates:

I’m going to be merging this blog with another one I had running for a bit. My hope is that it will include not just parties but other fun things I’ve been planning and putting together. It’s going to have a new look and new layout. But in the meantime you can see my other site here: www.rosievillodas.wordpress.com.

I’m so excited to see what this new season in my life will bring and want you guys to join me on my journey. New parties, new family experiences, new yummy-ness, and much more! So stay tuned and visit me again soon!

P.S. I’m sorry for all the exclamation points, I’m just really excited and can’t figure out how else to share that with you except through these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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