Pirate and Pixie Party

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I have a lot of catching up to do!

My daughter turned 4 in May and she loves fairies and pirates so I decided to throw her a Pirate & Pixie Party! We had just moved into a new place and so I didn’t have a lot of time to go into all the details I love to obsess about. So I put together a quick party with the help of the internet and a trip or two to Michaels.

As usual I started with creating a Pixie & Pirate Party Board on Pinterest. I then started searching websites for party supplies for fairy parties and Pirate parties. Interestingly enough I couldn’t find many parties that were themed out both Fairy (pixies) and Pirates. Just a few here and there.

I knew I wanted to have a kids table in the center of everything with helium balloons and their strings floating whimsically throughout the room. I also knew that I was going to keep the menu simple and quick. Moving had wiped me out and I had very little time to plan a super detailed party. Although, everything in me was fighting the urge. 🙂

Fairy Wings

Wings and Tutu's

I wanted each and every little girl to feel like a beautiful fairy. So every little girl had a tutu and a set of pixie wings.

Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl had slightly bigger wings, a fluffy Pettiskirt and a fun fairy necklace. Till this day she still loves wearing the skirt and necklace.

Boys Gear

The Boys each had an eye patch, a blow up pirate sword and a Pirate hat. The “Big” boys had fun with these too!

Pixie Crowns

For activities girls made Pixie Crowns with ribbons flowing down the back and decorated Pixie houses! For the crowns, I purchased 2 long strands of decorative faux vines. I also purchased a few bouquets of various fake flowers and cut them up for the girls to attach to their crowns. P.S. We prepared the crowns with the ribbons ahead of time and the girls attached the extra flowers to the crowns to decorate them.

Pixie Houses

Since we had really little ones I purchased small birdhouses at Michaels and Joannes (wherever I found them on sale) and had the kids decorate them with markers (washable) and stickers.

Tablescape 1


This was the Pixie side of the table.


And this was the Pirate side of the table.


We had a few cupcakes with pixie toppers…

cake far

And a simple cake with simple decor.

cake close

All-in-all it was a fun party with fun take home favors. The kids had fun and the cake was yummy. It was a Happy Birthday!


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