New Hobby!

I did it! I took a dive and purchased my first Digital SLR camera! Do I know how to operate an SLR camera you ask? … Um… well… No. But I plan on learning! I’ll take a couple of classes, talk to a few folks who I know regularly use one and take great photos. I’m a fast learner I’ll get it…. eventually.

Here is a pic of the camera I purchased:

It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T1i (not sure what that really means).

So, I was dying to start a hobby and develop a new skill so I decided to try photography. It wasn’t random… really.  I am a full-time mom and work part-time as the Director of New Life Kids Ministry at New Life Fellowship. Needless to say I have NO TIME for hobbies.  But all work and no play makes Rosie a very grouchy mama and wife. No bueno!

I was so excited about my new hobby I wanted to show you the first photo I took with it:

Front Door: Our Lady of Grace

Well, that was actually the 2nd photo I took with my camera. This was actually the first:

My husband!

I couldn’t wait to get started. And I can’t wait to learn all the cool things I can do with my new hobby!

Does anyone out there use an SLR camera? Do you have any tips for me?

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