32 Week Sonogram Pics!!!!

I wasn’t feeling well a few days before this sonogram which included a trip to the ER and contractions due to dehydration. So to see pictures of Karis and to hear a report of her growing well and how healthy she is was such a relief and such a joy to hear.

She waved to us, began sucking on her hand and then couldn’t find what she was sucking on so she was pursing her lips looking for her hand/thumb again. LOL! It was the cutest thing! She’s been wiggling and kicking me like crazy, letting me know “Mom I’m doing ok!!! “

So here is our lovely baby girl Karis Rose:



  1. unbeleivable, amazing, I have the prettiest Grand Daughter In the World!!! RAV Sr.

  2. so so cute..Praise God that everything is going well.. you are in our thoughts and prayers always.Arnaldo & Kath

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